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    Miami, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, FL Landscape Design

    Landscape architecture and design use specific elements to create beautiful spaces and places

    Landscape architecture and landscape design are both an art and a science. Landscape architecture has to take into account many factors such as the natural surroundings, as well as cultural aspects. Just like an artist has a canvas, a landscape architect has a canvas, albeit one that is very different from that of the traditional artist. Few places offer a more beautiful and interesting canvas than Miami Fl. If you need landscaping design service in Miami Fl, then Anderson Landscaping can help.

    Landscape architecture is first of all an art form. When it comes to landscape architecture and landscape design you want to deal with architect who has an artistic flair and a vision that will encompass all aspects of the land, the surrounding and the culture. A talented architect will use his or her vision and flair to deliver a design that matches or exceeds the user’s requirements and expectations.

    Landscape architecture has to consider the user’s needs and requirements and the landscaping design process has to match the user requirements with the conditions of the land and its surroundings. A landscape designer will know where to place features and how to arrange them in a way that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and ecologically sound.

    Features are an important part of landscape architecture and design. They encompass physical elements as well as proportional elements. Composition is also a very important concept in landscape architecture and landscaping design. Composition refers to visual aspects that make a particular landscape beautiful and appealing. These are accomplished with the effective use of line, form, texture, colors, proportion, order, repetition and many other elements that landscape architects use to create beautiful spaces that blend with the natural surroundings and are ecologically sound.