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    Required Education for a Career in Landscape Architecture

    Landscape architecture applies both art and science. It is the career that designs, plans and manages our land. Landscape architecture has strong roots in Miami; a city in Florida in the U.S.

    These days landscape architects deal with more and more complicated relationships between the man-made and natural environments. Landscaping designing including waterfall installations in traditional places, like- public parks, real estate developments, gardens, shopping centers and tourist centers are all done by landscape architectures who also design and plan the restoration of natural places disturbed by human beings, like- forested lands, creek corridors and wetlands.

    Our landscape architects at Anderson Landscaping, Inc., one of South Florida’s first FNGLA Florida certified landscape contractors play a vital role in environmental protection by designing and implementing landscaping projects with due respect to the requirements of both people and of our natural environment. Meeting human requirements by making wise use of the environmental resources is what our landscape architectures actually do today and will continue in the near future. To pursue a career in landscape architecture, a landscape architect requires the following 4 education as given below:

    1. Ability to examine problems, both in terms of design and physical form.
    2. Responsiveness to landscape quality
    3. Technical capability in translating a landscape design into a man-made work.
    4. Understanding of the arts, designs, construction and a humanistic approach to design.

    If you want to acquire these skills and knowledge, then a professional education in landscape architecture is very important and it can be obtained at the under-graduate or graduate level. In the undergraduate level, you can do either of the 2 professional degree courses- one is a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) and the other one is Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture (BSLA) and these usually require four or five years of study. Whereas, at the graduate level, you can take up a 2 year degree program in MA or MS in Landscape Architecture, which is only for those people who want to conduct research in landscape architecture but do intend to be registered landscape architecture practitioners.