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    Landscape Installation and Waterfall Installation in Coral Gables, Miami and Surrounding Areas

    Anderson Landscaping can help you with landscape installation in Coral Gables, Cutler Bay, Kendall, Key Biscayne, Miami or Palmetto Bay. They have been in the business a long time and they know and understand local conditions. They are masters at creating beautiful and inviting outdoor spaces.

    A landscape installer will work from a design plan and bring that design to life. Landscape installation is the physical work of planting, building and installing. A professional installer also knows how to make practical adjustments on the ground. For example, changes and adjustments may be needed in grade as well as plant selections. That is where the knowledge of a local landscaper is important.

    A landscape installation begins with evaluating the master plan to determine what changes will be needed in the grade, what soil amendments are needed and what plants have been selected for installation. Native knowledge of foliage, flora and fauna is important for the life of your landscape.

    Your landscape design will involve natural elements such as plants, grass, shrubs, trees, water and soil. Landscape design also involves architectural elements such as shapes, flow, gradients, accents, focal points and more. Landscape installation is about bringing all these elements together and installing the required items in professional manner.

    Anderson Landscaping knows how to build and install elements such as water features, tranquil ponds and shimmering waterfalls. They know how to build and construct walkways, decks, fences, patios, rock formations, retaining walls, lighting and various decorative items. They know what to plant and how to plant. They know how to install irrigation systems and how balance the various elements.

    Anderson Landscaping can also help you with landscape design, which makes the installation process easier. If you want beautiful and inviting outdoor areas in Coral Gables, Cutler Bay, Kendall, Key Biscayne, Miami or Palmetto Bay, then you need look no further than Anderson Landscaping.