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    Landscape installation in Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, FL

    Landscape installation that exceeds expectations

    If you need landscape installation in Coconut Grove, Cutler Bay, Miami, Miami Beach or Pinecrest then Anderson Landscaping can help. They offer superior landscape design and installation and can help transform your outdoor spaces into something inviting and special. They can help you with residential landscape improvements and commercial landscape transformations. It does not matter whether you have a big project, a small project or something in between, they have the right landscape solution for you.

    The process begins with an on-site inspection and consultation. Your goals, objectives and preferences will be discussed and refined. Additional factors that are considered include the size of your outdoor areas, existing softscapes and hardscapes, the soil conditions, sunlight, wind directions and so on.

    Plans will be drawn to scale and will indicate all elements including spatial proportions, plant positions and planned hardscape installations. You will have a good idea where natural elements will be placed or planted and how hardscapes will complement the natural vegetation. You will have plenty of time to consider a quality presentation before the actual landscape installation begins.

    Landscape installation includes soil preparation, planting, plant bed installation, landfills and grading, turf installation, panting of seeds, topsoil, mulching, irrigation and hardscape construction and engineering. Construction includes tasks such as paving, water features, irrigation systems, drainage systems, retaining walls, lighting and even playground installation.

    A landscape design and installation is complicated and challenging job and requires professional and proper project management. Proper project management will ensure your landscape installation is completed according to plan, within budget and time periods. That way your expectations will be met.

    Anderson Landscaping provides landscape design and installation services that not only meet expectations but exceed them. That way you will have outdoor areas you, your loved ones and friends can enjoy and appreciate for many years. In addition, professional landscape installation adds real value to your property.