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    Landscaping design in Coconut Grove and Coral Gables, FL

    Landscape design is an art and a science

    When you live in a beautiful place such as Miami or Miami Beach you probably want your outdoor spaces to look the part as well. Landscape design can help create the kind of outdoor space that will match your beautiful home and environment. A professional landscaper knows how to combine soft and hard elements in order to create gardens and outdoor areas that are beautiful, functional and inviting. By using concepts and principles such as line, shape, form, color, emphasis and balance, a landscaper can create a remarkable and inviting outdoor area.

    You can use landscaping design to transform your outdoor areas into places that enhance your home and property. Landscape design can transform eye sore areas into showstoppers. Effective and imaginative use of natural elements and manmade elements can result in amazing garden makeovers.

    Landscaping design uses important concepts such as unity, scale, emphasis and balance. These principles are applied to create pleasing outdoor areas where people can relax and enjoy themselves.

    Line is an important principle in landscape design. For example, a curved walkway that extends and connects can be complemented by flower beds, brushes, bushes and other softscape elements. A sweeping pathway invites you to follow.

    Form is another important principle when it comes to landscaping design. Forms can be created by innovative arrangements of flowers, bushes, branches and twigs. Forms can have a horizontal emphasis, a rounded emphasis or even a directional emphasis. Plants have different forms such as oval, weeping, pyramid, round and columnar and the effective use of these forms can make a big difference in the appearance and effect of your outdoor spaces.

    Landscaping design is the art and science of using certain principles such as line and form to create outdoor spaces that captivate and invite.