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    Landscaping design in Miami, Miami Beach and Pinecrest, FL

    Landscaping design elements and considerations

    Landscaping design can make a substantial difference to your outdoor areas and spaces. Anderson Landscaping can help you with landscaping design in Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Miami or Miami Beach.

    It is of course useful if you have some ideas of what you want or need. For example, a vegetable garden, a herb garden, a play area for the kids, a pool, a water feature and so on. Dot down the things you want or need in your outdoor areas.

    The use of space, proportion, lines and flow are important elements in landscaping design. Spatial composition is one of the most important elements in landscape design. It determines how trees, plants, shrubs, flowers and hardscape elements combine to form truly beautiful and inviting outdoor areas.

    Creating a plan on paper is a good place to start. Simple blobs and lines and diagrams can represent different outdoor elements such as tree, a pathway, a water feature, a flower bed, a pool, a patio, a lawn and so on. Initial ideas will become more defined until you have a reasonable plan.

    A proper plan will set out larger elements and then bring in smaller elements. A proper landscaping plan will have unity and structure, with the right mix and proportion of circles, lines, squares and curves. The overall geometry will come together when you have a proper landscaping design plans. A landscape designer knows how to create this plan and how to bring it too life.

    The way you use shapes, curves, lines and spatial orientation can make a big difference to your outdoor improvement project. There are also practical aspects to consider such as the movement of wind and sun. Do you need shade in a certain area? Where to place the fire pit so the wind is not a big problem?

    A landscape designer is trained in the theory and application of landscaping design and can help transform our outdoor spaces into something special.