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    Miami, Miami Beach and Coral Gables, FL landscaping design

    Landscaping design to help create your dream garden

    If you treasure your outdoor areas then landscaping design can help transform your yard, garden and outside spaces into something awesome and beautiful. Anderson Landscaping can help transform your outdoor spaces in Miami and your garden in Miami Beach into a small oasis that is both inviting and inspiring.

    Landscaping design combines many elements in an artistic and scientific manner in order to produce results that are exceptional and captivating. These include natural elements such as plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, grass, water, stone and sand as well as man-made structured and effects. Using landscape design techniques, a landscaper can create beautiful water features, inviting walk ways, viewing decks, tranquil ponds, glistening waterfalls and sculptured gardens. Other featured such as outdoor lighting effects can bring your outdoor spaces to life even when its dark outside.

    When it comes to creating your dream garden and magical outdoor spaces you need to work closely with your landscaper. You should list your ideas taking into account your lifestyle and your wants and needs. Do you need a play area for the kids? Do want a general entertainment area or a pool area? Do you want to plant and grow vegetables? Basically you need to get ideas on paper.

    You also need to consider the weather as well as sun and wind patterns. These are important factors in deciding where to locate various landscaping elements. Good landscaping design also identifies focal points and accent points. Landscaping design also has to take into account sizes, shapes and colors. For example, tall plants work better behind smaller plants. Repetition is good but you need the right balance so as to avoid monotony.

    A good landscaper can assist you with all these concepts and principles and help transform your outdoor spaces into an inviting and inspiring place where people like to spend time.